Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The kitchen is not my domain

Modesty aside, I used to be a good cook. No, make that a great cook – that was according to my wife.

When she was still with us, and I would be cooking, my dish would always turn out good, if not perfect... and it was not just my word.

But like what I said, that was when she was still here with us. Now, I seem to be an alien in the kitchen. I can’t seem to make heads or tails. Really, the kitchen is not my domain.

Easily, I could always ask her before. I would know what to do next, which ingredients to put in first, what are the signs that I would be looking for – boiling, smoke, browning, burning... err, how many minutes, I mean. Just like having a backseat driver, although it was most welcomed and much need.

Sadly, now that she is gone, I can’t seem to remember what to do, how to start, which one to put in first, and what are the ingredients needed in the first place.

Unlike now, everything was already present then. All the things that are needed were already at hand, and all I needed to do was just to stretch my muscles and put all things together.

Of course, I can fry. In fact, this single father has been serving his children fried foods most of the time. The only soup we’ll have would mostly come from those instant noodles. Hey! I know it’s not the healthiest dish, but if I can do more, I would.

I make up for those fried foods and instant noodles marathon by taking them out to eat sometimes, so they can eat real foods. But that can be quite expensive, and still, not a good substitute for home cooked meals.

Fortunately for me, my son Ralph knows how to cook. Unlike me, he remembered what his mother taught him, and he isn’t really much afraid to take risks. He still has a lot to learn though, but definitely he’s far better than his father could ever be in the kitchen.

As for me, I’m still trying to find the resolve to finally take the plunge, because I know I should take charge.

So, while the kitchen is not my domain, for now at least, I definitely will take actions to be a good great cook for my kids... someday... soon... very soon... very, very soon.

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