Saturday, May 18, 2013

Honey, I'm home! I forgot... I'm not married

Is this familiar? Has this happened to you yet?

If you were never married and has been a single father from the start, this would be a rare occurrence, or if ever, it would be just a joke… a punch line.

But if you were married, and all of a sudden you find yourself alone, it is not impossible that it could happen to you.

More than four years since my wife’s demise, I still forget sometimes that I am already alone.

This is most especially true when something exciting happens, something really good came to me during the day. I was excited and I cannot wait to get home to tell my wife the whole story… only to burst my own bubble when I remembered that I have no wife to tell my story to.

You could just imagine how heavy my heart feels when I have something bothering me and I have no one tell it to.

Thanks goodness, I haven’t shouted that line at the door. Not yet, at least.

But the feeling was there… the expectation that someone would be waiting for you at home… and then the frustration… it is no laughing matter.

I managed to get hold of myself. I’m tough. I’m supposed to be.

And I am thankful that I still have the kids waiting for me to get home… and share with them any good news that I bring home.

I am selective though when it comes to the ‘not-so-good’ news.

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