Thursday, June 6, 2013

Our family is far from perfect

Me and my kids... we’re not a perfect family. In fact, our family is far from perfect. We’re not even ideal. We’re just like other family – NORMAL.

We have our falling out every now and then. I shout at my kids and they answer back, always. You can say that we have an ‘open communication.’

But it’s not always Royal Rumble or a debate session going on in our house. We goof up too, a lot times. Sometimes, even at a midst of a quarrel. Maybe that’s beyond normal, but it happens.

Still, as the saying goes... I couldn’t ask for any other kids. Of course, there would always be the wish that I could have been a better father to them.

We go out... have fun at the malls... watch movies together... dine out together – family stuffs. And then start going at each other’s throat as soon as we reach home. Discussions as to who would clean the plate... who should feed the dogs... who should close the gate... petty things.

Until it becomes quiet again when we sleep, waking up in the morning as if nothing happened.

Yes, there are times when we hate each other’s guts. When we couldn’t even bear hearing one breathe beside us. When even the most innocent remark could trigger a ruckus anew. That’s our family.

Then there are times that we are inseparable. When we cannot stop laughing because we never run out of jokes or silly things to say. Recall even sillier moments when they were young or be nostalgic as we remember all the things that my wife did when she was still with us. Yes, that’s our family.

We look happy in our pictures. We always try to look happy, and it’s not just for show. It’s because we are. We may seem to be incomplete, but we are happy.

Happy that we always have each other. Happy that we can argue with each other and still sleep under the same roof at night. Happy to wake up each morning knowing that everyone’s still there, safe and sound.

Because at the end of the day, we’re all that we got. Yes, we may fight with each other... but we will always fight for each other.

We are far from perfect. But we’re a family... and we got each other’s back.


  1. If somehow the message got inexplicably lost on us the pictures do hammer home the point, don't they? Too bad I've not been treated to scenes of a royal rumble nor an unforgettable bickering when I had the chance to do so. Perhaps you were biding your time till my arse was safely on the way back where I came from? Well, for your kind of normalcy I bet a lot of people will not mind having at least some of that.

    1. Jan! I'm so glad to see you back and so honored to see you first here in my blog! I'm hoping you'd stay with us this time, Jan. Yes, you can say that we do miss you... A LOT!

    2. Yeah, first blood and all that. My freaking feet have to land and end up somewhere. If they can't find their way here then I'm really lost.

    3. Doesn't really matter where you land, Jan. You know we'll find out because somebody ought to squeal. And I'm sorry to tell you but... I just did. :)

    4. Whistle-blower! No rest for the weary then. Not bickering or anything, but how much time do you think I have before they come hurling a stun grenade in here? :)

    5. It won't be long Jan, unless they're really busy (which most have these past few days). In which case, I'm going to make a second call, just to be sure :)

    6. Jan,where have you been? We've been hunting you down since you've disappeared into thin air. :D We were planning to visit you... Are you okay?

    7. Oh please don’t hunt me down anymore. Call off the posse, promise? I’m okay- far from perfect – but I’m going to be okay. I was just here and there where the air is thinnest and reeking with silliness.

    8. See Jan? I told you, everybody's looking for you :)

    9. And Lyle is also here now, Jan. He commented below :)

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