Friday, December 26, 2014

Our Family Christmas Party

A party of 4!

Some may see it as weird... awkward... or even totally insane. A family of 4 having a full-blown Christmas party complete with invitations, program, dress code, games, intermissions, exchange gifts, and even raffle prizes!

Insane maybe, with all the laughter and teasing that went about during the party, but awkward it never was. With a single father hosting the party, that leaves only 3 members to participate in the program proceedings... and gamely they did.

You can say this is how we roll.

We have been holding this family Christmas party since Christmas 2008, and while I will always have the jitters every time the day approaches, I will always feel relieved once the party started and my children readily do their part to make the Christmas party successful.

Of course, this was started by my wife when she was still here with us. When the kids were already old enough to participate in the games, she suggested that we should hold a Christmas party and have fun. We had our first ever Christmas party in 2003, when my youngest was merely 5 years old.

She would be hosting the party then and I will be one of the game participants, together with the kids. It was fun... it was exciting... it was awesome! Since then we have been holding our Christmas party every 24th of December, ending up with the Noche Buena feast.

And then, came Valentine’s Day of 2008, when she left us early to prepare our place in heaven. Her absence has never been pronounced than that first Christmas without her. I had to choose whether to wallow in the pool of misery and bask in the void that has enveloped our home, or make it a happy Christmas for my kids.

I knew what she wants.

So, on our first Christmas without her, I told the kids that we will continue holding our family Christmas party because that is what their mother wants and that we will be doing it in her memory.

Thus, for 5 straight years now, we have been holding our Christmas party... of 4 people... gamely playing, singing, dancing, and having fun in this annual family activity. And during the party, I will always remind them that they should continue holding the family Christmas party even when I am gone and/or they already have a family of their own.

In behalf of my kids, I want to greet all of you a Merry Christmas and a Blessed 2015!

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